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  • Down or Depressed
  • Most of us have times when we feel sad and down but these feelings usually come and go depending on what is happening in our lives.

    For some people these feelings of sadness do not go away and they feel miserable for most of the time and it can stop them getting on with their everyday lives. This is sometimes called depression. Read More...
  • Stressed or Worried
  • When you worry a lot about something it means you are stressed or you're stressed out. Lots of things can cause stress, for example school pressure, being bullied, family problems or when you lose someone you love. Sometimes we don't even know why we are stressed or can feel worried when we have lots of happy things happening in our lives. When we are stressed it can really affect how we feel both in our bodies and in our heads. Read More...
  • Angry
  • Everybody feels angry from time to time, this can often be caused by many of the same things that can make us feel stressed or worried. Anger can become a problem for some young people when it starts to happen a lot of the time and feels too strong to control. When anger is out of control it can lead to violence and aggression and cause you to do things that later you wish you hadn't. Anger can change the way you feel both in your body and your head and changes the way you think and act. Read More...
  • Happy
  • Your mental health is important and positive mental wellbeing helps promote good mental health. Mental wellbeing is more than just happiness, it means feelings of contentment, enjoyment, confidence, self-esteem and engaging with the world amongst other things. Mental wellbeing can be described as feeling good and being able to do things you like to do in your everyday life.

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Pennine Care’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) are committed to providing a comprehensive and targeted intervention service, delivered in the heart of our communities.

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